ESA Hybrid/Electric Vehicle
Risk Analysis 

Risk Analysis services are provided at no cost to First Responders and Tow/ Recovery Professionals

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Risk Analysis services. New Federal standards and recommendations state that hybrid and electric vehicles that have been involved in a collision or water related incident now require guidance from a high voltage vehicle specialist.

The Energy Security Agency has met this need with our Risk Analysis services. Through Risk Analysis your organization is a step closer to compliance and liability mitigation.   

As you have interactions with the ESA, your feedback is important. Please fill out our feedback form anytime you have a suggestion or concern with the services provided by our Risk Analysis Agents. It is our goal to provide the very best service possible and ensure safe interactions with high voltage vehicles at every level.

First Responder Risk Analysis

Tow/ Recovery Risk Analysis

How and When to Use the ESA


1-855-ESA SAFE or 1-855-372-7233

Anytime you are required to tow or transport a hybrid or electric vehicle that has been involved in a collision, fire, mechanical failure or a water related incident, you will need to call the ESA for a Risk Analysis at 1-855-372-7233.

This call should be made when you determine it safe before or during transport,  or immediately after the vehicle is delivered to its destination.

During your call with the ESA, the Risk Analysis Agent (RAA) will ask you several vehicle specific questions, then text you a link to quickly upload pictures of the vehicle.

Your RAA will then give you instructions on how the vehicle should be stored. This may include isolating the vehicle, elevating a specific side of the vehicle to allow for water to drain out of a battery or clear the vehicle for normal handling.

The RAA will determine the vehicle’s risk level – a level green, yellow or red – based on the analysis specifics and ask that you place the designated Risk Analysis Placard sticker (RAP sticker) on the vehicle. This sticker allows you and others to later identify the vehicles risk level for safe handling.

In some cases a second Risk Analysis is required between 20-24 hours after the initial call. Your agent will advise and the information is on the RAP sticker for reference.

The entire process will typically take between 10 and 15 minutes. To ensure liability mitigation and meet the current standards, every hybrid and electric vehicle requires a Risk Analysis to be conducted if it meets the criteria above.

ESA Partners Program:

The Energy Security Agency has recently received approval to pay towing and recovery professionals for their time when placing Risk Analysis calls to the ESA.   

The ESA Partners Program is optional, easy to sign up for and pays out $50 every time you call. Earn money while staying safe! Click the “Join the ESA Partner Program” button below to get started.

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