Operations level course

The Energy Security Agency offers training programs for tow and recovery professionals that interact with high voltage battery systems. Our trainings are always up-to-date and industry relevant thanks to our close relationships with vehicle manufacturers. We offer multiple levels of Awareness and Operations level safety training through online, in-person, or at our ESA training facility. Please contact us if you need custom training courses or options. 

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Operations Level

In-Person Training or ESA Training Facility

This highly interactive course will provide tow and recovery professionals with an in-depth understanding of Federal Standards and Guidelines and the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely interact with hybrid and electric vehicles at an operational level.  Attendees will receive an academic presentation with question and answer periods built into every learning module.  Attendees will also receive practical skills labs to interact with hybrid and electric vehicles

Course Objectives:

Module 1: Understanding Electric Vehicles
Module 2: ESA Resource Center
Module 3: Vehicle Assessment and ESA Risk Analysis
Module 4: HV Shutdown Procedures
Module 5: Loading and Transport
Module 6: Secondary Incidents and Storage
Module 7: Summary
Practical Skills Labs
  • Vehicle Stabilization
  • Vehicle Access
  • Risk Assessment
  • Initial Shutdown Procedures
  • Secondary Shut Down Procedures
  • Vehicle loading and Towing
  • Site Management 
  • Vehicle Storage