Awareness level courses

The Energy Security Agency offers training programs for tow and recovery professionals that interact with high voltage battery systems. Our trainings are always up-to-date and industry relevant thanks to our close relationships with vehicle manufacturers. We offer multiple levels of Awareness and Operations level safety training through online, in-person, or at our ESA training facility. Please contact us if you need custom training courses or options. 

Hybrid/Electric vehicle Awareness Course


This live, virtual course is designed to provide students with a complete understanding of HEV Vehicles and the potential hazards related to them. Students will receive highly interactive instructional periods to safely identify and engage with HEV’s in all potential hazard conditions.

This course includes:

  • Vehicle Identification
  • Available Resources
  • HEV Electrical Systems
  • Hazardous Condition Identification 
  • Hazardous Condition Management
  • Environmental Considerations 
  • Standards and Compliance

COURSE LEGNTH: 2.0 Hours Live, Online or 4.0 hours In-Person Training


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