ESA Submit

The new, easy, and reliable way to submit EV Risk Analyses with the ESA.

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New in 2024: You can create your own account within the ESA Submit App.

A separate Signup form is no longer required!

The ESA Submit Application in the new, reliable, and most expedient way to submit an Electric Vehicle Risk Assessment to the ESA. 
Using the app users will be prompted to take photos of the damaged vehcile, upload them, and a live chat will be started with an experienced ESA Risk Analysis Agent. The ESA Submit App even offers two-way video calling for real-time analysis of the effected vehicle. 

The application is constantly growing with new features and tools, and we’d love to hear your thoughts after you use it. 

The app is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. To join the app, submit you and your company’s information below, and our ESA Technology Team will be in touch with download and installation instructions, a username, and password.