Earn Money While Staying Safe!

ESA Partner Program:

The Energy Security Agency has recently received approval to pay towing and recovery companies for the purchase of photo uploads during Risk Analysis. 

Welcome to the ESA Partner Program. Here is everything you need to know to start earning money when using our Risk Analysis services.

  • Your company must be already enrolled in the ESA Risk Analysis program to participate in the ESA Partners Program.
  • Complete the form below and you are immediately ready to start earning
  • The ESA pays your company $150 every time you call for Risk Analysis services and the ESA collects on the service from an insurance company 
  • Payouts are made by check on the first of every month

It’s that simple! fill out the form below and start earning today!

*Payout Details:

– Participating Companies must be registered before the payout process to be active.

– Participating companies only receive payments on calls when fees are collected from an insurance provider by the Energy Security Agency

– Approved payments are made on the first of every month. 

– Payments are made via check, and mailed to the address listed on the Partner Program registration form below

– Companies participating in the ESA Partner Program must not collect fees elsewhere for time spent on Risk Analysis 

– See our Terms and Conditions for more information

Regsiter Today for the ESA Partner Program